Guinness Storehouse

GUINNESS STOREHOUSE sits in the middle of Dublin, in the legendary St. James’s Gate Brewery, home of GUINNESS since 1759! In days gone by it was a fermentation plant, but today it’s been transformed into Ireland’s number one international tourist attraction and a world class event destination. With seven stories of event spaces, it can be a struggle to get a sense of just how fantastic this space is. Rising up through the middle of the building is a void designed in the shape of a giant pint glass (if filled, it would hold 14.3 million pints of the black stuff!), with Gravity Bar perched on top of the building designed to represent the creamy head of the pint.

GUINNESS STOREHOUSE offers a selection of architecturally unique event spaces located on every floor, making the venue the ideal choice for an Irish evening like no other. To give you an idea of the versatility of the building, it’s hosted everything from intimate private dining to high end gala dinners, and from product launch receptions to authentic immersive culinary experiences. Anything is possible.

Hold an event from as few as 10, right up to 2,000 guests! It’s a pretty wide range but then the building’s kinda big and flexible. GUINNESS STOREHOUSE like to build your event, tailoring something unique to you, and of course your guests get an opportunity to take a journey through our visitor experience learning about the ingredients and brewing process behind the world famous beer.