Sustainability Policy – HS2018

Hotel Solutions are committed to the principle of sustainable development, recognising its value in   ethical, social, economic, cultural and environmental areas by focussing on our clients, our operations and our people.

Our vision is to be the most innovative, creative and dynamic “one stop shop” DMC for all your events in or coming to Ireland, meeting the needs of this generation without compromising the future.

Hotel Solutions consider a sustainability policy a central part of our operational strategy, and is central to our objective of achieving superior performance through sustainable actions, initiatives and vision.

Sustainability Policy

  • Involve, educate, develop and empower our people on issues which instil an environmental responsibility, and reduce any negative impact on our activities and operations.
  • Ensure at all times our directors, management and staff comply fully with any applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment.
  • Encourage and lead through example a company-wide culture which embraces sustainable practices in everything we do, in a safe, dynamic and motivating environment.
  • Strive to reduce landfill waste through the discipline of reduction, reuse, recycle and recover principles and work practices.
  • Develop and manage an energy management strategy to drive energy efficiency initiatives.
  • Eliminate paper usage where possible through enhanced technology, improved work practices, and stakeholder awareness programmes,
  • Engage and communicate with our clients, suppliers and partners to select services, materials and products which are socially, effectively and environmentally friendly.
  • Establish, develop and implement policies, systems and procedures which can positively impact our sustainability objectives, assessed and monitored on a continuous basis.

Hotel Solutions commit to responsibly achieving sustainable growth and performance through strong corporate governance and open dialogue with all our stakeholders. We will continue to strive for excellence in our business to reduce environmental impacts on our activities on and off site, and with a responsible management approach ensure sustainability initiatives form a core part of our corporate values.


Stuart Thornton

Director of Sales & Marketing

Date  28/09/2018